2023 Jun 10 Peter Stark Recording


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There are very few barriers to entry to announce to the world that you are a professional speaker, coach, author, trainer, or consultant. But, as many have learned, our industry has some of the steepest mountains to climb in order to achieve sustained, long-term success.

Session Objectives:

  • The power of a clear mission and vision
  • The benefits of multiple revenue streams
  • Why IC is even more important than IP
  • The two most important questions to create IC
  • The components of a great proposal
  • The value of an assessment to create your next logical step
  • What to delegate and when to own
  • Organizing your day and life right
  • The long-term benefits of following the plan


Peter Stark has been a member of the National Speakers Association for 35 years. Peter credits much of his success to NSA, both from what he has learned and the relationships he has built. Peter Stark is a consultant, executive advisor, coach, speaker and author. His consulting firm, Peter Barron Stark Companies, has attracted clients such as the NFL, NBA, Aetna/CVS, the Phoenix Suns, Lowe’s, Sempra Energy, Kaiser Permanente, the Boston Red Sox, SONY Electronics, Qualcomm, WD-40 Company, Electronic Arts, Los Angeles Dodgers, Farmers Insurance, and over 200 other leading organizations.

Peter is one of only a handful of speakers to hold the prestigious dual designation of Accredited Speaker from Toastmaster’s International and the Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speaker’s Association. He has been published worldwide in over 500 articles and has written ten books.