The “Podcast Lab” with Joel Block: A Members-Only Brain Collective

This will be a hands on, take action, come out of the gate on fire in 2021 program. In 90 minutes, Joel will not only share his successes in podcasting, but he will direct you to get rolling so you can launch your show fast. Each registrant will be sent a brief questionnaire to consider before the program. People who have completed it will be eligible to participate in a hot seat, (or a BBQ session as Joel is famously known for).

This program is for doers, not watchers. If you are just curious, please do not take space that can be better used by people who want to take action. But if you are serious, you will be shown the tools, tricks, and traps that separate the best from the rest. Nothing that Joel will share requires any payment to any vendor, though you may want to hire people to help you – if you choose.


This event is for members only.  Please log in to register for this event.